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We realize that it’s hard to have enough time to focus on sales and marketing for your business when it is a more than FULL time job just handling the day to day aspects. When you are answering phones, running a crew, trying to keep the books straight and dealing with the many other day to day functions of a business it is hard (if not impossible) for a small to mid-sized company to put forth the time, effort and resources required to properly grow a business.

We are dedicated to helping you properly market your Landscaping business. The #1 method of marketing your business is to utilize our FULL SPECTRUM, CO-Operative sales and marketing program. Without an effective marketing plan you will never maximize growth or profits. We will give you the marketing framework that will help you make so many sales that your only problem will be finding enough time to get the work done.

When People Are Looking For A Service They Look To The Internet

If you are trying to grow your business and increase revenues (while increasing profits at the same time), you should certainly have a powerful presence on the web.

While advertising mediums such as print, radio, TV, etc. are still viable ways to get your message out and promote your brand, most people prefer to hop on their computer or simply search on their phone when the need arises to find a good service professional. Google (and other search engines) has made it way too easy for us to find what we need without having to go look through a coupon magazine or directory. We want the info. now and we want it to be convenient to get.

Getting to the top of Google and other search engines can be very difficult (if not impossible) without a good sized budget and a pretty good knowledge of how the internet marketing “game” really works. It is easy to waste thousands of dollars on things that you thought (or were told) would work and never make any progress towards getting on the first page in Google.

There are a few things that you must do to ensure that you will get to (and stay) on the first page in the Google search results.

1. You can utilize the Google “Pay Per Click” Adwords program. The advantage to this is that you can start at any time and as long as you are willing to pay the price you are guaranteed to come up in the top positions.

The disadvantage is that you will be paying EVERY time that someone clicks on your page link and this could add up fast. You may pay a lot of money only to receive a handful of leads. Another disadvantage is that once you put your adwords campaign on hold you will be right back where you started. The fact is, you can spend a lot of money and it will not advance your position in the search engines. It will only give you temporary placement (while you are paying).

2. You can improve your search engine placement with the help of web designers and SEO companies. The advantage of this is that you will be paying to “Organically” improve your position in the search engines. This means that the things that are being done will help you to move up in the searches and in theory will be permanent additions to help you keep your position. Please keep in mind that in order to keep your position and eventually dominate the first page in your city (and for your keyword) you will need to continually improve your website.

The disadvantage to this strategy is that it can be very costly for a small to medium sized company and (unfortunately) there are many SEO companies that are notorious for “Overpromising and Under Delivering”. If you decide to hire a company for your SEO team make sure to do some extensive research first.

Here are some of the things that you (or a company that you hire) will need to do in order to ensure “First Page” rankings in Google and other search engines:

• Optimize and possibly re-design your website- $1,500-$2,500
• Monthly Social Marketing management- $500 and up / Month
• Google Local and Google Plus Management- $250-$300 / Month
• Other SEO Tasks such as back linking, content writing, videos, weekly analysis reports, Blog writing and posting, keyword Analysis, meta tags, etc.- $750 / Month min.*

Total: $1500-$2500 plus $1500 Per Month
*Referenced From the article at

We Will Get You The Same Results For A Fraction Of The Cost!  Let Us Introduce You To The POWER of Co-Operative Marketing.


The 3rd (and best) way to get top producing results and achieve dominance in the search engines is by joining our co-operative marketing program, is a great way for new or established business owners to dramatically increase sales and margins. Due to our exclusivity agreements, once signed up you will be the only landscape contractor in a defined geographical area that will be allowed to participate in this great marketing program. Essentially making WEBSITE your own. We have a HUGE marketing budget that covers all of the SEO and Website Design aspects to ensure to level search engine placement. When you join our program you will receive qualified estimate requests for all of the services that you offer.

Remember- When you become an affiliate of, for all intents and purposes it is YOUR website. Your company will be the ONLY COMPANY listed within your assigned zip codes (which are requested by you). You will be a part of a top ranking website without any of the headaches that are a part of trying to get there on your own. In addition, the financial costs will be a fraction of what you would pay to do this on your own. You can leave the website stuff to us and focus on all of the estimate requests that you will be receiving.

There will be lots of other landscapers on our program, however, they are never competitors (due to the exclusivity of our program). WE COMBINE AND LEVERAGE THE MARKETING RESOURCES OF LANDSCAPERS FROM ACROSS THE COUNTRY AND ALLOCATE A WEBSITE MARKETING BUDGET THAT A SINGLE SMALL TO MEDIUM LANDSCAPER COULD NEVER JUSTIFY.


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1. When you become a part of we will automatically establish and maintain a GOOGLE Plus and Local Account in your territory. There are companies that charge $299 per month just to do this.

2. In any business it is very important to have a professional website. With our program you will accomplish this without the expense or time. Let us take care of the ongoing SEO (search engine optimization), hosting, maintenance, blogging, social maintenance, etc. that is required to keep customers coming your way.

3. We offer all of the marketing tools that will help you market your business better than any of your competitors. Wholesale pricing is available on all of the following advertising tools: Signs, Door Hangers, T-Shirts, Sweat Shirts, Door Magnets, Hats, Fridge Magnets, Invoices, and MUCH MORE! If you need it we have it…… at a wholesale price.

4. Once you sign up for a territory it is exclusively your territory. Within that territory you may advertise name however you wish. You may also have your own logo. When a customer enters a zip code that is within your territory, your company information is the only info. that will appear (your phone number, e-mail address, company name and a link to another site if you wish).

5. is very easy for a potential customer to remember because it is exactly what you are (Landscape Pros).

We are offering you much more than just a website. This is a proven, turn-key marketing program that has significantly boosted the sales of Landscape Professionals that have taken advantage of our unique concept.

Remember, we don’t charge franchise fees or royalties and you are not locked into a long term contract. Don’t wait to start taking advantage of name and resources.

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