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Common Questions

How much does it cost to join

First of all, by joining the nation’s fastest growing Landscaping organization you will save much more than you will ever spend. Aside from the sales and marketing material that we provide for you to purchase at wholesale prices we have also negotiated special pricing on some of the most common products and tools that you use.

Our internet presence is huge and we come up very high (if not number 1) in the organic (non paid) results of all major search engines. We have in house designers and web techs that are constantly paying attention to where we are at in the rankings and doing what it takes to keep us (YOU) at the top. If you were to pay for a website like you will have with you would spend thousands up front on the design and thousands more on the site indexing (marketing) costs.

Every licensee has an exclusive territory. This means that for all intents and purposes this website is yours exclusively. There is no contact information provided until a consumer enters their zip code. At that point your contact information (and only yours) comes up. This potential customer will also be able to fill out an online estimate request which will have all of the details of their project and be directly mailed to you.

To become a licensee you will be charged an initial fee that could be as little as $0 and an annual renewal fee (starting your second year) that ranges depending on the population of a territory. Our goal is for you to become successful and stay on board with us for years to come. Give us a call today to see if you are a good fit for our licensee program. To preserve the integrity of our name we don’t accept everyone and have certain criteria that our licensees must abide by. You must also be properly licensed (if required) and insured. If you are interested in taking the next step please fill out our application for consideration. We look forward to talking to you about potentially becoming a WHCL partner.

Is this a franchise?

No, we are not selling franchises. We do not charge you franchise fees, royalties or regulate the operation of your business. Nor do we control your buying. We do however, offer many of the same benefits as a franchise such as wholesale pricing, on-going support and a turn-key marketing program to name just a few.

Do you limit the participation of the marketing programs that you sell?

Yes. We want everyone that is involved in marketing program to be as successful as possible, and we do not want to over saturate any market. You will gain the exclusive rights to use name in a defined region or territory.

Where do I buy supplies? can provide you with wholesale pricing contacts on almost anything that you will need to buy, thus saving you thousands of dollars on materials, tools, equipment, advertising brochures, uniforms, websites and many other items or services.

What other benefits are there?

We are constantly striving to help you grow your business and make it more profitable. In our licensee resources are you will find helpful links as well as webinars, live web conferences and additional sales, marketing and operational resources.