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Are there any annual/monthly fees in order to be in the pay per lead network?

No- We do not charge any fees to sign up or register for our program. You only pay for the leads that you decide to purchase.

Why should I choose your marketing program over other means of advertising?

If you are using other advertising mediums such as the Yellow Pages, Direct Mailings, Print Advertising, etc., you are probably spending a lot of money upfront for ads that are generating calls from consumers that may or may not be qualified for the services that you offer. You pay a fixed rate for this advertising and don’t know how many calls you will get.

You only purchase the leads that you want. There are no minimum requirements.

How much does a lead cost?

Depending on the project description, the cost of a lead is between $10 and $100 ($100 would be for a very high end job with price potential of $20,000 plus).

How many other installers get the lead?

NONE. Our leads are exclusive. Once a lead is purchased it is off the market and the contact information is given you only one company.

Am I required to purchase a certain amount of leads each month?

No. You simply choose the appointments that you would like to purchase and pay for them at that time. We do not automatically send you anything. We do not charge upfront fees or ongoing fees.

I already use another lead company, why should I


What do you mean by guaranteed?

If it turns out that you purchase a bogus lead we will investigate the lead and issue you a full refund (for that lead) if the lead was generated under a false pre-tense.

I’m still not sold, why should I sign up?THELANDSCAPEPROS_clickhere-preview

It’s free to sign up. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

Call us at 866-426-4544 if you have any additional questions.